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Colt Starting Challenge USA heads to Norco Feb. 26-27

From the Horsetrader sales staff - February 4th, 2016 - Ingate Column

Norco Colt Starting Challenge
Colt Starting Challenge USA is coming to Norco on Feb. 26-27! Horse lovers will enjoy the Challenge in Horsetown USA. Competitions match young horses that have limited handling or never been saddled nor bridled, with great horsemen and horsewomen to train them. Russell and Cristy Beatty founded the Colt Starting Challenge USA which takes place over two days and showcases some of the best trainers in the country. By the time the contest concludes on the second day, trainers will take their horses through a series of challenges to show just how far the animals have come in a short time frame. The trainers use Natural Horsemanship techniques, which utilize each animal’s natural instincts. Each trainer receives markings by judges to decide the winners of each competition. This isn’t the old-school style of breaking horses to work under a saddle, where cowboys would saddle a young horse, then ride through the bucking and kicking in order to teach the animal to work. Natural horsemanship allows each horse the opportunity to understand its surroundings while gaining confidence. That’s what makes it exciting, not only for the contestants but also horse owners and those viewing from the audience. For more information, see the ad on page 29. To register your horse, call (808) 269-3408 or email qualityhorse102@aol.com. The website is  visit www.ColtStartingChallengeUSA.com.

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For more information on Laser Sheen® Skin & Coat Supplement and other helpful Farnam® products, see the Farnam ads on pages 16 and 17. You also can visit www.farnamlasersheen.com and download your free Grooming Guide at www.farnamhorse.com.


smartpak logo
SmartPak has launched mobile retail store to bring its expertise and renowned customer service to the West Coast. Throughout the year, the mobile retail store will be calling the region home, attending various horse shows and trade show events. “We’re very excited to be able to bring a mobile store out to our customers on the West Coast,” said Rebecca Goss, SmartPak’s Vice President of Business Development. “The mobile store presents an opportunity for our customers to see our fantastic line of product first hand, as well as experience in person the top notch customer service that SmartPak is known for.” SmartPak will be in attendance at some of the biggest shows in the area, including HITS Thermal and Blenheim (just to name a couple). Inside the store, customers will be able to shop from a selection of merchandise, including some of our most popular brands, such as Ariat and The Tailored Sportsman, as well as SmartPak exclusive products like the ever popular Piper Breeches and Rockin’ SP Tack. One of SmartPak’s renowned supplement experts is also available on site for any questions, and can help customers create the perfect custom supplement program for their horses with a free supplement consultation.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the SmartPak mobile store at a show near you, including HITS Desert Circuit in Thermal, the Mid-Winter CDI in Burbank, Silver Dollar Circuit in Las Vegas, the Blenheim Spring Classic I and III shows in San Juan Capistrano, the Festival of the Horse CDI 3* in San Juan Capistrano, the Flintridge Spring Classic in La Canada Flintridge, the Del Mar National, Show Park Ranch & Coast, and Sun & Surf Circuit shows in Del Mar. See ads on pages 31 and 37.

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