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ESCONDIDO — The Escondido Mounted Posse, an equestrian group that performs in parades throughout San Diego County and beyond, is looking for new members to expand its ranks.  To become qualified to ride in parades takes about two to three months, as each applicant must attend a Posse monthly meeting, a couple of training sessions and function as ground crew at a parade.  Prospects also must pass a horse-and-rider inspection, performed by the sponsorship committee.

Once qualified, the member can participate in about 15 parades annually, ranging from Santa Barbara to Yuma, Ariz.  For over 25 years, the Posse has served as the color guard for the Coronado Fourth of July parade, and it is also color guard for the Valley Center Memorial Day and Oceanside Fourth of July parades.

The Escondido Mounted Posse was chartered and formed in 1948, and until the 1980s, the Posse assisted Escondido Police by patrolling parks and other areas within city boundaries.  At one time, following its inception after World War Two, it was the only mounted posse in California.

Today, the Posse no longer functions as a law enforcement entity; it is made up entirely of volunteers who enjoy the camaraderie of horse people and the thrill of representing Escondido in parades.

The group meets the last Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Mitchell Room at Escondido City Hall.
MORE INFO: Http://bit.ly/602A_posse

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