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Having (and keeping) your horse facilities at their best make a world of difference; Here are some top resources to make it happen

- August 4th, 2016 - Special Section

Big Sprinkler.com
Big Sprinkler.com is the source for commercial grade sprinklers and quality irrigation accessories to fit a variety of applications for your ranch or farm. Big Sprinkler’s large selection of sprinklers may be mounted stationary or used for portable irrigation.  Their wheeled irrigation carts are American-made by craftsmen.  These portable, large-volume sprinkler carts are very popular for use on pasture, horse arenas, gardens, and much more.  Self-propelled traveling sprinklers are also available, as well as complete irrigation kits that include everything needed to be irrigating in minutes.  If you are looking for high quality sprinklers, sprinkler stands, fittings, or pumps, call Big Sprinkler today or shop online. See ad on page 18.

Castlebrook Barns
From its inception, Castlebrook Barns has been a symbol of excellence in the horse barn industry. At Castlebrook, they understand that the safety and comfort of your horses is of the utmost importance. As leaders in the horse barn manufacturing industry, they utilize the highest quality material and the latest technology to create the best barn available. For those looking for a barn that is both exceptional and stylish, a horse barn from Castlebrook Barns is exactly what you have been looking for. Their construction of sturdy steel frame combined with the beauty of wood will be admired for many years to come. Castlebrook Barns proudly offers a lifetime structural guarantee on all its barns. They look forward to building the barn of your dreams and having you join an elite group of satisfied customers who proudly house their horses in a Castlebrook Barn. See ad on page 5.

Easy Rider Arenas
In his 30 years of specializing in arena construction and footing, Harry Herndon of Easy Rider Arenas has finished more than 2,500 arenas. His reputation for delivering top tier work to satisfied customers from northern Los Angeles County to the Mexican border is unparalleled. Two of his most recent customers in North San Diego County were Savoir Faire Farms and Deer Springs Equestrian. Herndon, the region’s first full-time arena specialist in 1985, developed the industry’s engineering standards for arena construction and footings that are used throughout the nation. When customers are looking to amend their arena footing, Easy Rider Arenas uses amendments from West Coast Footings (Poly Trac) and Footings Unlimited (Litefoot). From backyard operations to Olympic-caliber farms, Easy Rider Arenas has been the longest established specialist in arenas and arena footing. The company also has a long list of prominent customers who have used Easy Rider Arenas to perform other specialized services, including expert barn pad and road grading, fencing, arena refurbishing as well as weekly or monthly maintenance. See ad on page 16.

Eco GreenGrid
Eco Greengrid is a “green” asphalt alternative known as “permeable pavement”.  It is an eco-friendly alternative to paving and allows the flow of water through to the soil below, preventing the numerous environmental issues associated with water runoff. Eco Greengrid is an economical and environmentally sustainable alternative to asphalt, concrete or pavement. It can be used for pedestrian, livestock and vehicular traffic and is strong enough on which to drive large tractors and trucks.  Installing Eco Greengrid in and around stalls, paddocks and barns allows for horse’s hooves to remain dry and healthy in any climate. It can also be used in trails, driveways, parking areas and landscape pathways to create a permanent mud free solution. Eco Greengrid has been engineered and designed to give you a stronger and more durable product per square foot that will last a lifetime. The design is based on the snowshoe principle, which allows for more weight to be evenly distributed throughout creating a very strong and stable area that will not sink down. Pieces can be easily taken apart, put together and cut to create any shape desired. See installation videos on Ecogreengrid.com, Facebook page and you tube channel. Multi-pallet discounts offered.  Call for prices and shipping quotes to your area. See ad on page 16.

EKO Sweep
EKO Sweep paddock groomer and grounds sweeper is the perfect maintenance groomer and manure collector for any farm, ranch, park or home with livestock, uneven grounds, and irregular patches of dirt or holes that can cause injury. When towed behind a quad or similar vehicle, the EKO Sweep can groom up to two acres of any type of terrain or pasture in about an hour. EKO Sweep is an easy, efficient and chemical-free way to help control worms and parasites for healthier livestock. The brushes are adjustable and when set to rotate at ground level, it will remove small debris from your paddocks such as leaves, small stones, weed blooms and trash simply by driving over them while simultaneously breaking up loose dirt clods, which are commonly formed in horse paddocks. Conversely in regions with soil borne pathogens the brushes can be set to collect the manure, weed blooms and debris from the grasses without disturbing the soil. Because it is not motor operated, there are no fuel costs and it produces very little noise. It is safe for all and it can be used around your animals while they are still in their paddocks. Over time, the EKO Sweep creates a smoother, greatly improved appearance and functionality of paddocks and grounds. See ad on page 20.

FCP Barns and Buildings
With over 34 years in the industry, FCP Barns & Buildings was founded with the mission to provide a superior product and outstanding service to our customers. An FCP structure is designed to provide secure protection and comfort with great attention to detail, innovation and unmatched structural integrity.  By using only the finest steel manufactured in the U.S. and superior craftsmanship by certified welders, we can ensure you the best quality barn or building in the industry each and every time. Our expert dealers and knowledgeable staff can help you manage your project from start to finish. FCP specializes in both standard and custom designs from simple shelters to large equestrian facilities. We offer the greatest selection of design, material, color and accessory options to provide you with a facility that will reflect your personal style and needs. Chew-proof, kick-proof and fire-resistant materials will also give you the peace of mind in knowing that your horses are safe. Quality you can see, service you deserve, a name you can trust — call to get your dream barn started today! See ad on page 17.

Inland Kubota
Inland Kubota is a family-owned business located in Redlands that has served Southern California since 1992. Other product lines include Terex, Gearmore, TMX, and Landpride. They offer a full service department by certified Kubota mechanics and have a knowledgeable and friendly parts and sales staff. They have received multiple awards for 100 percent customer satisfaction. Inland Kubota’s line includes tractors, excavators, utility vehicles, and mowers. See ad on page 13.

J.D. Burns Construction
J.D. gained extensive knowledge about different types of soils years ago while working on major projects such as the Dana Point Marina in Southern California, blasting rock and moving more than a million cubic yards of sand and rock to create the existing marina that is seen today. He spent many years’ mass-grading in Mission Viejo for many of the major subdivisions, including the roads, water and power. In addition, he has been the contractor for a major flood control channel for the Irvine Company which entailed rock, sand, grading and ground water control. This experience and the love of his horses and livestock have created a refined ability to produce footings for every equestrian need. For example, to create just a basic arena, J.D. prefers to grade with a laser and compact the existing material to drain one percent max; the water should drain off (sheet flow) yet leave the existing material on site. J.D. prefers this method over grading with a crown. When you crown the arena, the drainage high point is in the center and drains off both sides. Over time and use, this crown can be lost. Contact J.D. to discuss all of your grading and footing needs. Once you have him on-site, stand back and watch his skill and artistry in moving your ground around. See ad on page 14.

K and M Contracting/ MD Barnmaster
951-609-4608 or 951-538-4067
Since 1970, Kim Schaul, owner of K and M Contracting, has been in the commercial and residential building industry. With this solid background in general contracting and construction, Kim began to specialize in the manufacturing, design, and construction of steel modular horse barns and buildings in 1986. Working as vice president for a leading company, as well as subsequently owning his own, Kim’s knowledge of all aspects of design, build and manufacturing of modular horse barns, buildings and other equine-related structures flourished. In 2010, Kim began K and M Contracting Inc. and became a valued distributor for MD/Barnmaster products, selling and installing their extensive line of products throughout Southern California. Kim is also highly involved with MD/Barnmaster in designing and engineering innovative, efficient ways of building their products. Kim’s extensive expertise, passion and commitment can be witnessed upon partnering with K and M Contracting, Inc. for your next project. They have been serving satisfied customers in the Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange County areas and are dedicated to delivering you the barn of your dreams. See ad on page 80.

Kifco Water-Reel
The horse market has relied on Kifco Water-Reels for years to improve footing and suppress dust in horse arenas. Water-Reels have been designed for ease of operation.  Simply pull your Water-Reel into position and attach your water supply. After several simple steps you are ready to irrigate. Water-Reels operate unattended, even shutting off automatically at the end of the run. No more countless hours watering your arena by hand, and their portability allows you to irrigate multiple locations with a single machine.  After watering your arena, the Water-Reel can easily be transported to your pasture or paddock for irrigation. Kifco offers a wide range of models and sizes for all of your irrigation needs. Whether you need to irrigate one acre or one thousand, Kifco has the solution for you. Kifco Water-Reels are often copied, but never duplicated. Our B-Series Water-Reels are proudly made in the USA and are a one-time investment that can save you both money and hours of labor. Go with a name you can trust, Kifco –- and only trust a Water-Reel! See ad on page 15.

M.H. Enterprise
Professional barn installation and relocation specialist throughout Southern California. Whether moving a pipe corral, shelter or barn, M.H. Enterprise will make your move easy. You’ll be well pleased with the quality of work, fair pricing, professional service and clean up. Making a move? Call M.H. Enterprise. See ad on page 14.

Parma Arena Groomer
(208) 722-5116
The Parma Arena Groomer tool is a great piece of equipment for complete ground preparation in one pass. The Arena Groomer tool uses time-proven seed bed preparation techniques – made popular by the Parma Rollaharow – but designed exclusively for the arena. First, the “S” Tines loosen compacted soil and prepare the base; front depth is controlled by the adjustable front hitch. The tines have reversible points that are also replaceable. Next, the leveling bar fills holes and smoothes humps. It is also adjustable to control the amount of dirt carried. At the rear, the pipe roller breaks and pulverizes clods. It firms and packs the base, leaving a soft, uniform surface. The roller is adjustable to control rear depth. There are a variety of sizes available: the 5’, 6’ and 7’ mini models, the 8’, 10’, and 12’ standard models, and the 8’ PRO model. Depending on the size of the Arena Groomer, they can be pulled by medium-size, four-wheel drive vehicles, including ATV’s, or by tractors up to 60 Horsepower or more. The Parma Arena Groomer ships easily by truck in a simple bolt together package that requires just a couple of wrenches for assembly. See ad on page 17.

Reveal 4-N-1
Whether you manage a professional arena or ride in your backyard, the Reveal 4-N-1 will help you get the best from your space. The Reveal 4-N-1 is the ultimate arena and ground prep tool, hydraulically designed to make ground preparation and maintenance easier and less time consuming. As the name implies, the 4-N-1 provides the function of four major tools. It serves as a chisel plow, capable of plowing up to 7.5 inches deep; a scraper box, used to carry bulk material or fill holes; a harrow beam, raking the ground and breaking up large clumps; and a pulverizer roller, breaking up smaller clumps and firming the surface. The 4-N-1 is available in 6-, 7-, and 8-foot tools. The 4-N-1 can also be built in widths of 10, 12, or 14 feet upon request, and are ready to ship in two weeks. Several optional kits are available to make the 4-N-1 really meet your needs, including a water kit, rear wheel kit, and laser kit. It can be used on gravel, sand, clay, dirt, rubber-added, and more. This is the only tool endorsed by the NBHA and the ANHA. Pricing depends on options. Contact us for a quick estimate or to learn more. See ad on page 19.

Rid O Rock
(602) 284-3749
“The name says it all!” Rid O Rock is a company that was created in 2003 with the idea of helping owners of all kinds remove rocks from their facilities. Specializing in rock removal for horse arenas, race tracks, fair grounds, pastures, fields, schools, and many other venues for the past several years has helped them to perfect the process and make it much more efficient. Your most important step in building an arena is to start with a rock-free base, while saving money in the process. Through modern technology, Rid O Rock can screen the native material in your arena rock-free. The screening process begins by reconditioning your existing material removing debris and rock to 3/8s minus. In a one pass operation the material fines left to a desired depth of six inches helps create a rock-free base. After screening, they harrow the arena so it will be perfect for horse and rider to go out and ride without risk of getting injured. Rid O Rock travels anywhere and makes quality their top priority. See ad on page 18.

Stotz Equipment
Escondido 760-737-2400
Montclair 909-626-8586
Stotz Equipment is your official John Deere Dealer, and it’s your source for new equipment, used equipment, parts and service.  From large tractors to hand-held power tools, Stotz has what you need to help get your job done. Stotz Equipment has been family-owned and operated since 1947, and single family ownership for nearly 70 years has helped to create a consistency of service and a commitment to its customers that is unmatched by competitors.  When doing business with Stotz Equipment, you have access to the combined knowledge of nearly 400 employees in 22 locations across eight states.  Additionally, many team members participate in industry groups across the country, in an effort to bring our customers the best solution to their business and personal equipment needs. Sales, parts, service. See ad on page 21.

Triple Crown Arenas
Triple Crown Arenas is all about flexibility, innovation and above all, results. With over 35 years of experience, Triple Crown Arenas has been providing Southern California and beyond with cost effective equestrian services for a variety of customers. From small scale reconditioning projects to full turnkey equestrian centers, Triple Crown Arenas has the talent necessary to complete any project on time and within budget. Our team of experienced site designers and licensed contractors will focus on your project with dedication and deliver a cost effective solution. We believe that your project should be kept as straightforward as possible. We strive to deliver a professional and quality product that is on time and within budget Crown has been in the San Diego and Southern California areas. Flexibility, innovation and results have been a formula that has created many longlasting partnership. That’s the guiding principle behind Tripe Crown Arenas’s approach to doing business. We have earned the reputation of being a dependable, no-nonsense contractor who consistently delivers rock-solid results in San Diego and Southern California. See ad on page 19.

WestWalk Corporation
Since 1965, WestWalk Corporation has been the trusted name to condition the prized racehorses of such trainers as Bob Baffert, Blane Schvaneveldt, Jerry Fanning and Bruce Hawkinson. Their quality products can be found at premier racetracks such as Santa Anita, Del Mar, Golden Gate Fields, Yavapai Downs and Turf Paradise. Featuring four- and six- horse models, their hot walkers offer a safety quick release, sturdy fiberglass cover, optional solid or folding head, and a raised base for air circulation. Westwalk offers a full range of products, which includes wash racks, drags, cross ties and storm towers, for dust control. See ad on page 21.

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