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Now is perfect time for a Steve Guitron hackamore set

From Horsetrader sales staff - November 3rd, 2016 - General News, Ingate Column

InGate graphicThe Guitron family has a long tradition of braiding quality rawhide and leather tack in the spirit of the vaqueros for nearly 50 Years. Through this time, their selection of products has grown to include a full array of meticulously handcrafted tack, such as romal reins, bosals, headstalls and cavesons. Steve Guitron continues the family tradition. Made from only the finest leather and rawhide, you can be assured of the superior craftsmanship that is evident in his vast product line. Their romal reins have become synonymous with winning riders and are constructed using methods handed down through the generations. Each rawhide strand cut for braiding, whether for a 12-plait or 16-plait braid, is beveled on both sides for a smooth, comfortable feel on the reins and romal. They can make any length rein and romal, change button designs and silver patterns or give extra weight at the end of the reins. Often times they can create romals from a photo or picture. Their bosals are crafted using a rawhide core that has been dried in the sun for easy shaping and giving a good action in the nose and cheeks. They are braided for a perfect fit for the Quarter Horse, Paint Horse and can be made in Arabian sizes. Steve Guitron Headstalls are built using the finest bridle leathers and are available in light or dark tones. He uses sterling silver overlay for the buckles and conchos. Now you can save $50 on Steve’s 12-plait hackamore set – now only $225. Call 800-252-7913 or visit www.CustomRawhide.com for his full line. See ad on page 16

New Farnam® Purishield™ wound care line delivers revolutionary wound protection. Accidents can happen to even the most protected horses, and at times when you least expect it. When injuries occur, make sure your horse has the protection of Farnam’s NEW PuriShield™ wound care products. PuriShield™ is the ONLY complete wound care line exclusively formulated with patented Purifect® Technology. University-developed, Purifect® Technology supports the body’s naturally occurring immune response to help your horse heal his wounds. With four different product options, PuriShield™ wound care has a solution for your every need:
PuriShield™ Wound Spray – veterinarian recommended efficacious first aid spray; PuriShield™ Skin Spray – effective, one-stop solution for topical skin irritations; PuriShield™ Barrier Spray – revolutionary, invisible liquid bandage protects wounds in hard-to-bandage areas; PuriShield™ Hydrogel – thick, gel form of the PuriShield™ Wound Spray clings to uneven surfaces to stay in place longer. Each product fills a unique niche in your wound care arsenal. Whether you’re treating a minor cut, laceration, open wound or skin irritation, you can count on PuriShield™ products to aid in wound cleansing, support normal tissue regeneration and protect against germs, dirt, debris, water and insects. Unlike some other wound care products, the PuriShield™ line does not contain steroids, antibiotics, alcohol or harsh chlorine, so there’s no stinging, irritation or damage to live, healthy or injured tissue. PuriShield™ products can also be used on other animals, such as cattle, dogs and cats. When you need effective first aid solutions, veterinarians recommend Farnam® PuriShield™ wound care products as a horse’s first line of defense. To learn more about the revolutionary PuriShield™ products or to get your $3.50 off coupon, visit www.FarnamPuriShield.com. For information about Farnam, call toll free at (800) 234-2269 or visit www.Farnam.com. See ad on pages 12-13.

Sweetwater Nutrition® of Agua Dulce was founded in 1990 as KR Natural Products. Caring about animal health, they pride themselves in producing top quality products made in the USA and offer outstanding customer service. All of their products are developed and manufactured in GMP-rated California facilities managed by a team of highly qualified experts. They select quality and efficacy over low-cost ingredients, using strict quality control procedures and rigorous testing to guarantee purity and potency of all their ingredients. Sweetwater Nutrition gives a 100 percent client satisfaction guarantee policy. Sweetwater’s equine product line includes their InflamAway line for advanced joint support, Hoof Renu with biotin, RelaxForm EQ all natural calming supplement and EquiGarlic all natural fly control. They offer a complete line for dogs giving joint, skin, coat and calming support. If you have any questions regarding one of their products, need help selecting the right product for your dog or horse, or need help finding a retail store location near you (or where to buy online), please feel free to call or email them. Please understand that Sweetwater’s customer service staff cannot answer medical or health questions. If your pet has any serious health-related issues, or you have any concerns for your pet’s health, they will encourage you to contact your personal veterinarian. Visit www.SweetwaterNutrition.com for a complete product line and retailer list or call 800-200-7890 for more information. See ad on page 19.

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