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As an older and wiser rider, I’ve sometimes struggled to stay involved with horses. I’m not so interested in showing any more (maybe western dressage some day) but I am very interested in having simple fun again, like I did when I was riding just for the joy of it, as a kid.

With that in mind, I recently purchased a Haflinger mare who looks like the perfect equine partner to help me rekindle the simple pleasure of riding I knew before life- and riding- got so complicated. Lia is compact, point-and-shoot simple to ride or drive, and she’s so cute she makes me grin every time I see her peeking through her Goldilocks blonde forelock at me.

The challenge now is to merge my busy adult life with reliving my childhood dreams. So, my New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to ride my little mare at least once a week (she’s used for lessons to get her exercise and training while I’m tending to grown-up responsibilities) and to haul out to explore a new area on horseback at lease once a month.
Happy New Year from Suzi Vlietstra and ‘Lia’ Aurelia of Genesis
–Suzi, Chino Hills

To ride my AQHA Blue Raon filly and bond with her , while we do local shows as a 4 year old.
–Deborah, San Diego

For 2017 share our country life style with city kids so they can know the tender heart of a horse and the feeling of the old west.
— Val, Banning

To get the ‘green’ horses, that have been ‘green’ for a few years, past the green stage, finally!
–Jeanne, Lompoc

Scarletta (my greenhorse-Percheron/thoroughbred mix) and I will work hard, practice hard, strength train, eat healthy, and enjoy down time, which includes walks in the woods— so we can make it to nationals in Equestrian Vaulting 2017!
–Carly, Murrieta

To be able to not only see my horse more often, but to actually ride him as well. We both need to get back in shape, and what better way to do it then getting in more riding time!
–Tara, Montclair

I resolve to spend more time with my horses and train them properly. I’m so grateful to have them and I know they deserve more of my time.
— Skeeter, San Dimas

Qualify for the 2018 Novice Championships, learn to ride hunt seat, get my horse trained for pleasure driving.
–Cathy, Simi Valley

I want to spend more time just grooming and loving on my horse. I board her and it has become too easy to allow someone else to do the work. I would like to spend more time developing a bond with her that goes beyond the riding time we have together.
–Holly, Alpine

Trail riding with my rescue Arab gelding. He was a bolter and very anxious, so have yet to venture outside of the arena in the 14 months we have been together. He has come such a long way with trust and he is becoming more curious and less afraid, it is wonderful to be part of. Used to dream of showing and amazing things, now I just want him to be happy and calm on a trail ride with his friends! That is now my dream for him!
— Kimberly

Show at a regional level at a breed show and win for the first time! Start a successful breeding program and business.
— Cara, El Cajon

My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with my horse.

My 2017 resolution is to get out on trail and just to ride more in general. Keep my horse fit and sound, which will also serve to my benefit as well!
— Donna

My year would be great if I could be as good a friend to them as they are to me. I know we both crave each others attention! Love them to pieces, even their smell!
–Toni, Wayne, Ill.

Ride more.
— Robert, Lancaster

I’ve been working with this horse for years now and this year will be the deciding factor. He has learned a lot but not always consistent in his actions. I’ve resolved to continue working with him for the start of this new year. I have come to the resolution that his inconstant behavior is due to a gastric problem. I’m currently treating him for this condition with some improvement in his demeanor. Do wish horses could talk.
— Chuck, Escondido

Love to do more clinics with Gaited horses in different areas and of course ride, ride, ride.
— Hope, Anza

My New Years resolution for 2017 is to spend more time with my family , I also want to make more time for riding my horses too.
— Rose

I resolve to have paperwork and a plan in place for my horses if I come to a sudden demise (dead). That I take responsibility for them for their whole lives and see that they do NOT end up in a killer pen because I’m no longer there to make their decisions and provide for them.
— Connie, Silverado

Ride more consistantly.
— Winnie

Ride more! One of the main things I’d like to do in the coming year is get another horse. I had to have one of my horses put down three weeks ago, who had been fighting lameness for a long time. I need to get another one as a friend for my remaining horse and so I can have someone to ride with. It’s so much better having two horses so I can take friends, who do not own horses, riding with me. That way we can trailer out and explore places where I would not want to go alone. I would like to adopt a rescue horse that needs a loving home. I also resolve to loose the weight I have gained back so I will be easier on my horse. He is getting old and I want to do everything I can to help him live a long healthy life.
— Sharon

Spend more time with them.
— Marianne, Fallbrook

Become a better and listening horsewoman with my horses to improve their performance as willing partners.
— Charlene, Rancho Cucamonga

I am planning on doing more obstacle challenges in 2017. I am working with my 15 year old mare Luna. I have owned her for 2 years, and she is very smart. I am 76 and have ridden at least 65 years. I love anything and everything about horses.
— Dawn, Ramona

I plan to try out more At Liberty Training with my horse so we can build a better bond,,,then on to trick riding skills such as vaulting nothing to extreme and in the round pen of course! want to build trust.
— Erin, California City

To get out and ride more, and work them regularly.
— Pam

In 2017 I will increase the Joy in my life by spending more time not just at the barn but more individual time with each of my ponies. I love them so much and they bring me the most Joy of anything else in the world! And that I may then share that Joy with as many other people in my life. And in turn as we each share that Joy, the world might be a happier place!
— Renee

I want to appreciate other disciplines of riding more, it seems as if equestrians have forgotten the importance of supporting everything equestrian. I hear critical comments on other styles. I’m going to join in everything as much as I can with my horses. Be a shining light on everything equestrian!
— Ruth

Ride more.
— Tally, Moorpark

Show more. Ride more. Lose weight.
— Lisa

My New Year’s resolution is to make even more visits with my therapy miniature horses. This year we made almost 150 visits!
— Joyce

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