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WOODSIDE — A celebration of life was held Jan. 21 for Jarrod Gimple, son of Southern California horseman and longtime horse show manager Larry Gimple, after an off-road accident New Year’s Eve took his life.

NewstraderFriends and family filled the gathering at The Horse Park at Woodside on what would have been Jarrod’s 27th birthday. Larry performed the heartfelt eulogy on the stormy day.

“To the weather, I know for a fact that Jarrod wouldn’t want this day any other way — rainy, windy, muddy and challenging!”, his father said. “A friend shared a quote with me just recently by Bob Marley: ‘Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.’ Jarrod was definitely a young man who felt the rain.”

Larry spoke of his son’s strengths and independence, sharing anecdotes about his son’s determined efforts to break a young foal and ride bulls in Montana. He also paid tribute to Jarrod’s generosity and courage.

The shock of the sudden loss also was expressed.

“This is so surreal,” Larry said. “It’s not me that’s supposed to be standing up here. It should be Jarrod giving his dad’s eulogy.”

According to family, while celebrating New Year’s Eve with some of his closest friends, Jarrod was in a solo vehicle crash while four-wheeling in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Jarrod was not wearing his seat belt, according to reports, and alcohol was not involved. A passenger friend wearing his seat belt survived the crash uninjured.

He is survived by his father, Larry Gimple, mother Sherry Gimple, brother Justin Gimple, grandparents Gary and Barbara Vandel, stepfamily Poncie, Jon Michael, Bridgette and Mollie Herrmann.
In lieu of flowers, the family requested donations be made in Jarrod’s name as a gift to the Rubicon Trail Foundation, where they will be used to enhance the future health and use of the Rubicon Trail while ensuring responsible motorized year-round access.

DONATE ONLINE: http://bit.ly/703_Jarrod

2 comments have been made on “Larry Gimple loses son Jarrod in offroad vehicle accident”

  1. patty mitchell Says:

    Hi Larry and Sherry, st saw this regarding Jarrod and wanted to convey my deepest sympathy. I remember after lessons when we were boarding and training at George and kates stable seeing the little guy in the barn with the horses. This is around the time Trudy became very ill with Hepatitis.

    Im sure my mom and dad would have been very sympathetic as well.

    God Bless all of you. Please share my greetings to Sherry, and Gary, and any of the former clients that you trained.

  2. Patricia Delmore-McArthur Says:

    Larry, My deepest sympathy. I lost my four year old daughter many years ago–it never goes away. The pain and lose is overwhelming. I will remember you and your family in my prayers. Our relationship with you over the years is full of wonderful memories and will always be one of the happiest times of my life.

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