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Protecting the precious

Equine insurance today plays a bigger role than ever in horse ownership. Here's an introduction to your best insurers-- who are also horse people.

- August 1st, 2017 - Special Section

Sypolt Insurance

(916) 202-8455 or (800) 995-4770


License OD10217

An insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company. With some policies, such as mortality insurance, the company agrees to pay you a sum of money if your horse dies or is stolen. With other policies, such as liability insurance, the company will provide you legal counsel and pay certain demand or judgments against you (up to a specific dollar amount) arising from personal injury or property damage for which some one claims you are legally responsible. It is important to have proper liability insurance because of the unpredictable nature of horses, and the fact we live in a society where lawsuits are common. It takes just one personal injury lawsuit to drain your savings and end your horse activities for good. Liability insurance generally covers unintentional situations in which someone is injured either on your property, from an act that occurs around your horse — such as a bite, kick or fall — or, in some cases, from an injury that arises under your supervision, such as during a riding lesson. Some examples of liability insurance are the personal liability on your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, commercial general equine liability, professional liability, individual horse owner’s liability, and event liability. The professional staff at Sypolt Insurance, being equestrians, are available to help assess where you are at risk and provide the best coverage from the best providers.



Laurel Fowler Insurance Broker Inc.

(800) 700-6263


License OB57610

Needs vary, and the specialty at Laurel Fowler Insurance is the ability to tailor proper equine insurance coverage to meet the client’s needs — getting a clear understanding of you, your hobby or your business before recommending the proper coverage. The agency provides coverage for all breeds of horses, as well as horse farms, vehicles, stables, trainer’s liability, commercial, personal, club and horse show liability. The agency offers a complete line of equine insurance products developed through its relationship with superior-rated insurance companies. As an independent brokerage, Laurel Fowler Insurance has access to many specialty markets that enable them to place your equine insurance at the best price with the maximum coverage. An insurance broker since 1986, Laurel and her staff have extensive experience in the horse industry. Laurel is a horse owner herself and personally knows the passion that is shared by horse owners. As a full-service insurance brokerage specializing in equine insurance products, this business is much more than just an insurance policy. In addition to equine services, Laurel Fowler Insurance provides personal insurance, business packages, farm and ranch packages, as well as commercial coverage. The company motto is “Your Mane Insurance Source, from Horses to Vehicles.”  The company knows the importance of attaining full coverage for your home, your barn, your autos and farm equipment in the event of a disaster, and the staff cares!



Cheval Insurance Service

(714) 447-9191 or (800) 97-HORSE


License OC94257

What should you consider when it comes to insurance for your equestrian operations? The first question you need to ask is how fast can you be back in business after a catastrophe?  Then, ask yourself what constitutes a catastrophe for you and your business. There is no single answer that fits everyone. Next, you must take a holistic approach to your risks of loss -– you must look at every aspect of your operations, premises, contracts and agreements, web presence and image (and not just your own website – you need to Google yourself to see if your name is coming up on the internet with a reference that you knew nothing about). This will help you determine where you are at risk and by how much. After you have done this, you can develop a plan of action. Now you need to develop a “Risk Management Plan.” Evaluate what potential exposures to loss you have and determine how to mitigate, reduce or eliminate as much as possible. Transfer risk via contracts or agreements where appropriate, then look to insurance to protect yourself for what is left. Cheval Insurance is extremely capable and happy to guide you through these questions and work with you to develop an action plan.  Once your plan is created and the Cheval team knows what you need to insure, they will find the policies that fit your specific needs best from multiple markets, making sure you get the first-class service you deserve. Ready to get started?!


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