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Rein for the Roses

WCRHA event enlivens Brookside

Special to the Horsetrader - June 1st, 2018 - Show & Event News

ELK GROVE — Brookside Show Park in Elk Grove, California, is having a record year with great shows, terrific exhibitors, and a lot of fun enjoying planned activities each evening after showing days are over. The Rein for the Roses show, held May 3-6, celebrated another successful venue for west coast reiners. It was the second Affiliate show for the West Coast Reining Horse Association, where exhibitors earn points towards WCRHA yearend awards. The footing was pristine with new sand in the show ring as well as in the large schooling pen. Thad Carr and Drag Time worked tirelessly to ensure that the ground would be ready for riding and sliding.

Day One of the show dawned bright and clear with a full day of runs scheduled. Mike Boyle, riding Elizabeth McHugh’s Chics Dream, smoked the Open class with a score of 73 to take first place honors. Martin Padilla rode Spangles Desire, owned by Tobyann Faingold, to second place with 71.5. In the Intermediate Open, Chic Magnum, piloted by owner Lisa Macauley, earned the blue ribbon with a 71.5. Tying for second were Kain Emmons on EZ On The Slide, owned by Tereasa Canada, and Ollie Galligan on Docs Tinseltown Chic, owned by Elizabeth Atkins, with scores of 70. Good enough to share first place with 70.5 in the Limited Open class were Shewiz Electric, shown by Kelly Keenan and owned by Mike Silva, and I Love A Surprise, ridden by Robyn Burton and owned by Sarah Gavigan. Robyn and I Love A Surprise also shared first place in the Rookie Professional class, this time with Torri Sims showing Chica Dream, owned by Mackenzie McDowell. Lisa Macauley won the Prime Time Open class with her Chic Magnum. Debbie Avila on her own Gonendunitt tied for second place with Mike McEntire on Silver Trashya Nic owned by Tessa Lindberg.

In the Non Pro Novice Horse Level 1 class, Mari Hess on Stepping Up Haidas “stepped up” to tie with William Bertolani on Spooky Gunner with scores of 68.5 for the class top prize. In the Non Pro Novice Horse Level 2 class, Megan Lynch, riding Revolutionic owned by Ashley Lynch, carried away the win with a solid 71. Trish Eckhoff, showing Chics Love Chrome, came in a close second with 70.5.

Beautiful buckles were awarded in the Brookside Green as Grass and the West Coast Green as Grass classes. It was a thrill to have the winners so excited to receive these classic buckles. Judy Stagno, riding newly acquired horse Peppy Turn, scored a 68 which was enough to take the blue and the buckle for the Brookside Green as Grass. She was followed by Paolo Troia-Cancion on Suga Suga and Zach Orfali on Fresnos Queen Virginia as they tied for second place with 67.5. The West Coast Green as Grass was held concurrently, and Cody Haage, aboard Whoa is Me, slid to a score of 69.5 to win the blue and the buckle. Coming in second was Judy Stagno. Congratulations to both buckle winners and all exhibitors. In the Mares Only class, Rhonda Dunlap, riding Gunners Smoke Show, won the class with a 67.5, while Brenda Andrews, riding Whiz N Kachina, was second with a 66.

Twenty-one horses and riders started Day Two off in the Snaffle Bit/Hackamore class. Martin Padilla rode Sara Curtis’s Yolo Jersey to the win with a 71.5. David Hanson was close behind with a 71 on Miss N Wimpy owned by Barbara Morlan.

Finishing up the NRHA ancillary classes for the day were the Novice Horse Open classes. Scoring 73, Mike Boyle won the Level 1 on Pamela Hurst’s Rockn Roll Baby. David Hanson was second on Spooky Gunner, owned by William Bertolani, with 71.5. The win in Level 2 was split between David Hanson on Melinda Gaw’s Rockabilly Banjo and Martin Padilla on Cindy Laver’s One Big Dream, with scores of 72.5. Thirty horses showed in the Geldings Only class which followed. Jim Grech earned the blue ribbon on Shining Boon Chick with 72. Trish Eckhoff and her Chics Love Chrome were second, scoring a 70.

Rein for the Roses show owner, Bill Madden, provided the added money, trophy buckles, and beautiful ribbons for the 7+ Maturities and Derbies. Judges Shawn Church from Washington and Brian Dygert from Arizona scored multiple runs in the $1000 Added Open Maturity Level 4 and $1500 Added Non Pro Derby Level 4 and $500 Level 1 classes. In the competitive Open Maturity, Martin Padilla spun his way to the Championship with 145.5 on Tobyann Faingold’s Spangled Desire. The Reserve Championship was awarded to Kain Emmons showing EZ On The Slide, owned by Tereasa Canada, with a score of 141.5. Winning the Championship of the Non Pro Derby Level 4 was Vicki Dias on ARC Dun With Ya, scoring 141.5. Close behind with 141 was Kirsten Booth on Babys Got Blue Eyes. Champion of the Level 1 Derby was Anne Jeppesen on Shine Kitty Shine with 143.5. Vicki Dias was Reserve Champion.

Although it was a rainy, sloppy day at the Kentucky Derby in Churchill Downs, Day Three found the weather to be California beautiful for the reiners in Elk Grove. During the morning and early afternoon, eager Rookies and Youth looked forward to their time in the show pen. Winning firsts in the Rookie 1 and 2 classes with a 71 score was Jamie Foster riding Smart Nu Cash. Splitting second place honors in Level 1 were Jennifer Trattner on Hollywood Big Chex and Mike Silva on Shewiz Electric with scores of 69. In the Level 2, Andrea Lee-Royer on Walla Great Pine and Carla Jean Odetto on Wimpchester 73 shared second place with 70.5. Carla and Wimpchester 73 also won the Prime Time Rookie class with Lisa Dentoni on Mr Twister Whiz coming in second with 69.5. Twenty entries showed up for the highly competitive WCRHA Green Reiner class. First place was split three ways between Jennifer Fisher on Lokotas Whizen April, Erica Winans on Peptos Silver Holly, and Trevor Skadden on Bills Sparklindiamond, all with scores of 68.

The cutest class of the show is, of course, the Short Stirrup! Congrats to Naudia Gilliam for the win on Jennifer Gilliam’s Hick A Shine and to Steven Allen Jr for second on his dad’s Crome Topsail. In the Youth 13 & Under class, Margaret Chancellor scored 66 for the win on her own Dunnit With A Shine. There was a tie for second between Madison Kautz-Johnson on Im Magnificent and Trevor Skadden on Bills Sparklindiamond with scores of 65.5. Earning a 71 score, Megan Lynch won both the Youth 14-18 and the Unrestricted Youth 18 & Under on Revolutionic. Campbell McLeod was awarded a 70, earning second place in the 14-18 class on McLeod Family Farms faithful Reeboks Rerun. Mackenzie McDowell was happy to win the Youth Rookie class on Timber Winner, scoring a 67. Splitting second in the Rookie class were Trevor Skadden on Bills Sparklindiamond and Makayla Milliken on Celeste Nashagh’s Mr Mizzen Shine. Caden Hanson, showing Laetitia Loubser’s A Wayward Revolution, won second in the Unrestricted Youth class.

Saturday was Derby Day, the reason this show was started nine years ago, and the 2018 Derby on the Derby was the final event. A full day of celebrations, which included a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, the Kentucky Derby Watch party, and the Brookside Kentucky Colonel induction, were a thrill to partake in, but the real anticipation was about the main show ring afterwards. Once the gate opened for the Non Pro Maturity class, followed by the always exciting Open Derby, the crowd cheered for every exhibitor. Besting a group of 10 horses in the $1000 Added Non Pro Maturity with a score of 143.5 was Bill Coburn on Nics Little Bud. The Reserve Championship went to Jennifer Gilliam showing Hick A Shine, scoring 141. The Championship of the Open Derby was hotly contested by eight exhibitors. Benny Maddox used the show ring to dazzle the spectators and judges with a score of 146.5 on Mike Russell’s Roosters Who. Benny’s name will be added to the Rein for Roses Open Champion Perpetual Plaque on display at Brookside. With 146, Mike McEntire was close behind showing Trashya owned by Megan Lindberg.

The final day of the show found a large group of Non Pros enjoying their time to show off their prized steeds. At the end of over five hours of runs, Kelly Corbett showing Smart Chuka and Trish Eckhoff showing Chics Love Chrome shared first place awards in the Non Pro class with scores of 71. Trish also won Intermediate Non Pro, and earned seconds in Limited Non Pro as well as Prime Time Non Pro. Mari Hess on Stepping Up Haidas was second in Intermediate Non Pro with a score of 70.5. In the Limited Non Pro and Prime Time Non Pro, Anne Jeppesen was scored a 72 to win both classes on Shine Kitty Shine. Caden Hanson tied for second with Patricia Eckhoff in Limited Non Pro on A Wayward Revolution with 71. Fourteen riders, aged 60 and over, competed in the Masters Non Pro class. With scores of 69, Jennifer Fisher, riding Lokotas Whizen April, tied the class with Jim Grech, riding Shining Boon Chick.

The day continued with a contingent of over 30 exhibitors in the NRHA Green Reiner classes. Rockin’ the Level 1 class with a 71 was Trevor Skadden showing Bills Sparklindiamond. Second with a 69.5 was Mackenzie McDowell on Timber Winner. Brenda Andrews was thrilled to win the Level 2 class with a 70.5 on her Whiz N Kachina mare. Almighty Chic, ridden by Elizabeth Atkins, earned second place with 69.

Bill Madden and the Brookside Show Park are looking forward to the ten year anniversary of Rein for the Roses in 2019. It will be a great way for riders to show off their reining horses and also enjoy time with friends and family. Will you be there? Plan on it!

–Submitted by Lorraine Smith and Eileen Maxinoski

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