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SmartPak continues its drive to reduce colic risks

From the Horsetrader sales staff - July 1st, 2018 - Ingate Column

InGate graphicA number of factors can increase your horse’s risk for colic commonly occurring with travel. These factors include sudden changes in activity level, lack of turnout or increased stall time, changes in hay and/or grain, and dehydration. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your horse cope with these common stresses. Along with management strategies, daily support from a digestive supplement, like SmartDigest® Ultra, may help support a healthy and balanced hindgut.

When you’re traveling with your horse, there’s more to do than simply hitch up the trailer and hit the road. Whether heading to a show or moving your horse to another barn, traveling with your horse comes with a variety of challenges so it’s important to be prepared. SmartPak is here with the helpful tips you need for a successful road trip with your horse to make it to your destination safe and sound.

Tip #1: Plan Your Route (And Your Breaks) Ahead of Time. Even if you’re planning to use your GPS while on the road, map out your route ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the major roadways you’ll be taking. Try to stick to a route that includes interstates and other main roads as much as possible to ensure a smooth ride for your horse. During a long-distance trip, you’ll want to check on your horse and offer them water every four hours, so plan for any rest stops you’ll be taking along the way.

Tip #2: Know What Documentation You Need – Whether you’re taking a short trip or a long-distance trip, your next step is to consider the health paperwork that your horse needs to travel with. Depending on your reason for travel and your destination, you may need the same kind of documentation for intrastate travel that is required for interstate travel.

Tip #3: Practice Makes Perfect – If it’s been a while since your horse has been on a trailer, or he’s never been on a trailer before, spend some time before your trip ensuring that he is comfortable loading, unloading, and even riding on the trailer. It’s also important to make sure your horse is comfortable with any protective gear, such as leg wraps, shipping boots, and halter fleeces, that you’re planning to use during the trip.

Tip #4: Keep Your Trailer in Tip-Top Shape – To keep your trailer in good working order and get ahead of any potential issues. Your trailer should be serviced once or twice a year to check the tires, brakes, breakaway battery, flooring, and frame.

Tip #5: Know the Hidden Health Risks of Travel – When you are traveling with your horse, there are more risks to watch out for than what’s on the road in front of you. As you prepare for your trip, you should be aware of a few areas of your horse’s health that traveling can put at risk.
To learn more about these tips and to check out the rest of SmartPak’s tips, visit www.SmartPak.com/TravelTips, and don’t forget that you can get all the gear that you don’t want to leave home without at SmartPak.com.

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