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Green Acres Ranch steps up to host SCRCHA July Jubilee

Special to the Horsetrader - August 8th, 2018 - Show & Event News
Cow horse competition returned to Green Acres Ranch, where the SCRCHA club originally competed years ago.

Cow horse competition returned to Green Acres Ranch, where the SCRCHA club originally competed years ago.

Sean Johnston photo

TEMECULA—It had been a while since a reined cow horse show filled Green Acres Ranch. But, after hosting the two-day Southern California Reined Cow Horse Association Big Horse July Jubilee July 13-15, it looks like events will be coming back for a long time.

Previous SCRCHA competitions had been held up the road at beautiful Galway Downs, but when facility changes were made for the SCRCHA July show, some members didn’t see the altered arrangement as their best option. Vice President Roy Rich of Green Acres spearheaded an accelerated effort to relocate the club’s summer series to his ranch.

It was a sort of return to history, pointed out SCRCHA Vanessa Norris, who said Green Acres actually is where the SCRCHA originated.

“Roy stepped up and led the effort to have it at his place, and now its an amazing facility,” said Norris. “The whole area was remodeled—there’s a grassy area for the spectators to sit at, shade provided for the competitors to wait under while they await for the different arenas to start. It’s really nice.”

The new event venue is just one of the SCRCHA innovations this year. The summer series—club shows in July, August and September—is new in 2018. It shifted events into the summer and leaves the fall months available for members to show their horses at a variety of futurities across the region. The SCRCHA summer circuit has its own awards for competitors in SCRCHA classes at all three shows. Divisions include both open and non-pro winners in respective bridle hackamore and two-rein divisions, as well as in non-pro limited.

Next up at Green Acres will be the Aug. 9-11 show, which will have another new feature that is expected to be well-received: a Saturday night gathering with a free dinner as its centerpiece.

“It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get together and enjoy the evening,” said Norris. “It’s an opportunity to come and just talk, or for some interested in getting to know more, to learn about the sport.”

The SCRCHA is offering both ranch riding and ranch trail classes this year, giving another good entry point into participation with the organization.

More online: http://bit.ly/808SCRCHA

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