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What lies beneath your horse’s hooves makes a difference. These products, services and tools will get down in the dirt—and enhance performance, safety and good horse health.

Easy Rider Arenas
(858) 663-5385

Specializing in arena construction and footing, Easy Rider Arenas has finished more than 2,500 arenas since 1985. Their reputation for delivering top tier work to satisfied customers from northern Los Angeles County to the southern border is unparalleled. Easy Rider Arenas developed the industry engineering standards for arena construction and footings that are used throughout the country. From backyard operations to Olympic-caliber farms, the company has a long list of prominent customers. They also exhibit their expertise in related specialized services including barn pad and road grading, fencing, arena refurbishing as well as weekly and monthly maintenance. See ad on page 30

Eco GreenGrid
(503) 975-0141

Eco GreenGrid logo

Eco GreenGrid is a “green” asphalt (and concrete) alternative known “permeable pavement.” It is the eco-friendly answer to paving and allows the flow of water through to the soil below, preventing numerous issues associated with water runoff and erosion. Eco GreenGrid is economical, environmentally sustainable and strong. It can be used for pedestrian, livestock and vehicular traffic and is strong enough on which to drive large tractors and trucks. Installing Eco GreenGrid in and around stalls, paddocks and barns allows for horse’s hooves to remain dry and healthy in any climate. It can also be used on trails, driveways, parking areas and landscape pathways to create a permanent mud free solution. It has been engineered and designed to give the strongest, most durable product per square foot and to last a lifetime. The design is based on the snowshoe principle, which allows for more weight to be evenly distributed throughout its surface area so that it will not sink down. Pieces can be easily taken apart, put together and cut to create any shaper desired. See installation videos on EcoGreenGrid.com, Facebook and YouTube. Call for prices and shipping quotes to your area. Multi-pallet discounts offered. See ad on page 27

GGT Footing®
(864) 804-0011

GGT Footing logo

For over 23 years we have been supplying horse arena builders worldwide with our arena footing additives. GGT-Footing® is used at international horse show facilities and for FEI World Cup Jumping and Dressage events. We continually improve our products by utilizing our customer feedback to develop new and better additives. Our Polyester fiber mixtures have been used for more than 23 years as footing for multiple riding disciplines. We offer different product types for your particular discipline, i.e. jumping, dressage, general arena riding and even for racetracks. Our products endure the test of time, resist packing, provide optimal support to help minimize joint and tendon stress on the equine athlete. We are confident that our product will improve equestrian success while promoting and protecting the health of your valuable equine athletes. See ad on page 23

Inland Kubota
(909) 795-1771

Kubota logo

Inland Kubota is your Kubota dealer located in Redlands, CA, offering the right tractors and implements for any size job. Whether you’re looking to grade, spread DG, drill fence post holes, or move hay or manure, Kubota tractors can handle it all. Inland Kubota has been serving southern California since 1992 and has received multiple awards for 100% customer satisfaction. They have a full line up of tractors, excavators, utility vehicles, mowers, skid steers, and compact track loaders. Inland Kubota has a knowledgeable and friendly parts and sales staff; and their service department mechanics are Kubota certified. Stop by their dealership today to take a test ride. See ad on page 25

J.D. Burns
(714) 742-9752

Moving dirt is what J.D. Burns of J.D. Burns Construction knows best. From the ground up, J.D. began working on major development projects in southern California for the Irvine Company. He worked on the Dana Point Marina and did mass-grading in Mission Viejo for development. His experience and love for his horses and livestock have created a refined ability to produce footing for every equestrian need. For the basic arena, J.D. prefers to grade with a laser and compact the existing material to drain one percent max; saying “the water should drain off (sheet flow) and leave the existing material on site.” This is his preferred method over grading with a crown. When you crown an arena, the drainage point is in the center and drains both sides. Over time and use, the crown can be lost and so is your drainage. For more information, contact J.D. to discuss your footing and drainage needs. See ad on page 30

Mason’s Saw & Lawnmower Services
Mahindra Tractor Dealer
Riverside (951) 784-8565
El Cajon (619) 442-9161

Mason's Saw & Lawnmower Service logo

Mason’s Saw & Lawnmower Service, Inc. sells the world’s top-selling tractor, Mahindra, and it also can provide you with the latest and best in outdoor power products to make your outdoor living more enjoyable and your ranch more functional. Its variety of outdoor power equipment is second to none, including PECO, STIHL, Honda Power Equipment, Exmark, Hustler Turf Equipment, Echo, Bear Cat, ELIET, Honda Engines, Kawasaki Engines and Kohler Engine. In all of El Cajon and Riverside, the Mason’s Saw & Lawnmower staff is known as the friendliest and most knowledgeable. It knows individuality is important, which is why such close attention is paid to the interests of each customer. From the minute you walk through the door, meeting your needs is top priority of the company, which was founded not only on excellent customer service but also on the principles of hard work and a focused attitude. If you need help in making your selection, call or stop in— Mason’s Saw & Lawnmower is always ready to help. Mahindra North America sells sub-compact, compact, utility and high horsepower tractors assembled, serviced and sold across North America. See ad on page 22

Parma Arena Groomer®
(208) 722-5116

Parma Company logo

The Parma® Arena Groomer® tool is the only piece of equipment for complete ground preparation in one pass. First, the S-Tines loosen compacted soil and prepare the base, the tines are reversible and easy to replace, the leveling bar then fills holes and levels the arena. At the rear, the pipe roller breaks and pulverizes clods. It firms and packs the base, leaving a soft, uniform surface.

There are a variety of sizes available: the 5’, 6’, 7’ and 8’ Mini models; the 8’, 10’ and 12’ standard models. We also offer options for synthetic and fiber footing and equestrian arenas. Options are also available for use with an ATV or UTV. Depending on the size and model, most models can be pulled with a 60 horsepower tractor with 3-point hitch. The Parma® Arena Groomer® ships easily by truck in a simple bolt together package. See ad on page 28

Reveal 4-N-1
(937) 444-2609

Reveal 4-N-1 logo

The reveal 4-N-1 is the ultimate arena and ground prep tool. Whether you manage a professional arena or ride in your backyard, the Reveal 4-N-1 will help you get the best from your space. The Reveal 4-N-1 is a rugged, hard-working tool designed to make ground preparation and maintenance easier and less time consuming. The unit is made in different sizes to fit your needs. It has a versatile three- point hitch hook up. The front chisel plows are adjusted hydraulically (or manually) to dig 0-7.5 inches. The channel iron beams are designed at angles to move material for leveling and to allow you to get at those hard to reach areas. The harrow beam can be adjusted hydraulically (or manually) separate from the chisel plows to a depth of 3 1/2 inches to break up material, as well as aerate it. The roller works in conjunction with the harrow beam; to further pulverize and firm down the material. All these functions can be done from the comfort of your tractor seat. Additional features are available. Ground is just made of dirt, but great footing is made by the Reveal 4-N-1. The Reveal 4-N-1 has been manufactured and marketed for over 25 years. We are a family owned and operated business. The Reveal 4-N-1 is endorsed by the ANHA and the Official Tool of the NBHA and CMSA. Don’t be fooled by imitators, go with the original, still the best, the Reveal 4-N-1. See ad on page 26

Rid O Rock
(602) 284-3749

Rid O Rock logo

The Original Rock Removal, and Dirt Reconditioning Company! “The name says it all!” Founded in 2003 with the idea of helping owners of all kinds remove rocks from their facilities, Rid O Rock specializes in rock removal from arenas, race tracks, fair grounds, pastures, fields, schools, and many other venues. They have perfected the process over the past several years and it is much more efficient and effective. The importance of starting with a rock-free base is essential for livestock’s well-being; protecting your investment. The screening process begins by reconditioning the existing material, removing debris and rock to 3/8” minus. In a one-pass operation, the material fines are left to a desired depth of 6 inches. After screening, they harrow the arena so it will be perfect for horse and rider to go out and ride without risk of getting injured. Rid O Rock travels throughout the western U.S. and makes quality their top priority. See ad on page 31

Stotz Equipment
(909 )626-8586 Montclair
(760) 737-2400 Escondido

Stotz Equipment logo

“We make your life easier!” Stotz Equipment is your official John Deere dealer—your source for new and used equipment, parts and service. From large tractors to hand-held power tools, we have what you need to help get the job done. Stotz Equipment has been family-owned and operated since 1947. Single family ownership for over 70 years has helped to create a consistency of service and a commitment to our customers that is unmatched by competitors. When doing business with Stotz Equipment, you have access to the combined knowledge of over 500 employees in 25 locations, across eight western states. Additionally, many team members participate in industry groups across the country, in an effort to bring customers the best solutions to business and personal equipment needs. See ad on page 26

Triple Crown Arenas
(619) 659-8318

Triple Crown Arenas design, build and supply anything that goes in, on or around horse arenas.

Triple Crown Arenas logo

With over 35 years’ experience, Triple Crown Arenas has been providing Southern California (and beyond) with cost-effective equestrian services for a variety of customers. From small-scale reconditioning projects to full turn-key equestrian centers, Triple Crown Arenas has the talent necessary to complete any project on time and within budget. The company’s team of experienced site designers and licensed contractors will focus on your project with dedication and deliver a cost-effective solution with the belief that your project should be kept as straightforward as possible. Triple Crown Arenas delivers onits promises, as they are experts in site design and development for arenas, pads, drainage and excavation as well as concrete work, offering a large selection of sand and footing additives such as Lightfoot™ and Tex-Stride™ textile footing. Contact Triple Crown Arenas today for your next project—and know with confidence that the job will be done right, on time, and within budget. See ad on page 26

Valley Truck & Tractor, John Deere
9 Northern California locations
(888) 706-9611

Valley Truck & Tractor logo

It only takes one horse to save money on John Deere Equipment with Valley Truck & Tractor Co. Valley Truck & Tractor Co. aspires to be the premier agricultural, turf and commercial dealer of choice in the communities it serves. Further, it strives to continue the legacy of our founder by partnering with our customers to provide them with the best service and solutions setting us apart from its competitors. Valley Truck and Tractor has been a family-owned and operated business since 1948 and has grown to nine locations in the Sacramento Valley—Chico, Colusa, Dixon, Elk Grove, Gridley, Robbins, Willows, Woodland, and Yuba City. Visit valleytruckandtractor.com today for your respective dealer information or give them a call to find out why Valley Truck and Tractor Co. is the No. 1 John Deere dealer in Northern California. See ad on page 29

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