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Stephanie Abronson, Monte Nido
When I had the opportunity to ride in the Mammoth Lakes area with a close friend, I jumped at the chance. Debbie DiMascio and her Quarter Horse, Jake, joined me and Polina, my Welsh Cob mare, to find the Red Cones trail. A super experienced parklands Mounted Volunteer Patrol member, Debbie and Jake were the ideal riding partners. Two different rides were planned, both in the Ansel Adams Wilderness in the Inyo National Forest. First was to find the Red Cones. Debbie hadn’t yet been there.

Ever one to chat up any person I met along the trail, I always would ask directions or tips, expecting that generally they were more experienced than I. As Debbie and I began a descent to find the mid-slope trail to the Cones we had a spectacular view that opened up stretching a long way across the San Joaquin River to Yosemite. The view was due to a previous forest fire that the previous winters had strewn the burnt pines and firs about like giant pick-up sticks. As we turned onto the correct mid-slope, the Red Cones soon came into view.

Our next excursion was a lovely loop ride for lunch at McCloud Lake. I think that the photo tells the whole story.

Kimberly Dwight, Palmdale
Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce, northern Los Angeles County is my favorite riding place. There are lots of trails: single track, hills, side of hill, wooden steps, slip-n-slide, kamikaze, caves, the sphinx and a few flat open trails. Because this is in the desert there are juniper bushes, yucca and scrub oaks and water only occasionally on the Pacific Crest Trail towards the 522-foot-long tunnel. You can take a different trail every time. I ride there every week and it’s different with each group I take out.

Vivian Lindemulder, Kagel Canyon
Hansen Dam trail to the ponds. I like it because it’s fun and you get to swim with your horse.

M. Kaputnik, Palmdale
One of my favorite places to ride is on BLM land north of Mojave to the historic Bickle Camp mining camp. The mining camp is lovingly maintained in its original state with cabins and equipment, and the mine, by the granddaughter of the original claim owner. After visiting the mining camp and looking at all the interesting things there, my friends and I ride up Bonanza Gulch where three more miner’s cabins are maintained by volunteers and open to visit. The scenery along the way is stunning with joshua trees and interesting rock formations, and a big talc mine to explore. From this area, we can ride into Last Chance Canyon in Red Rock Canyon State Park for a second day of riding and exploring with more mining artifacts to see as well as Native American pictographs. I love riding in the Mojave desert and enjoying the natural beauty of the area, especially in the spring when the flowers are in bloom.

Janette Beas, Acton
Inspiration Point, Wrightwood. It’s a beautiful ride with spectacular views, higher elevation 7,378’ so it’s cooler. It’s a 7.3 mile loop, great place to stop for lunch at the Grass Hollow Visitor Center, parts of the trail are on the Pacific Crest Trail. Trail is zig zag single track trail in parts, shady pine trees, beautiful scenery, some hills, some rocks, a couple of short sections are single track technical with a drop off. Not for beginners. Pictures are from an ETI Corral 138 ride!

Steve Citron, Palmdale
Mine would have to be the Last Chance Cyn, and Bonanza Gulch trail. It goes from the red slick rock to old cabins and mines with lots of history. It is easy to access, and since it is next to Red Rock Cyn State park, in on BLM land, and you can camp for free with your horse if you have a system of confinement, or Hi-Tie.

Corey Hallmark, Simi Valley
We have so many wonderful places to ride in California but I will say, one of my favorite places to ride is the Hansen Dam area. I grew up in Shadow Hills and rode almost daily. It is still a great place to go, miles and miles of trails, flat and hills, lots of water crossings, plenty of shady areas, great views. You feel like you’re far away but it’s in the city so you’re close to any necessities. The only drawback is the homeless. I truly wish they could be removed and the area cleaned up. Fortunately, there is enough area to not run into their camps very often. I still think it’s one of the most beautiful, and peaceful, places to ride. Corey Hallmark, Corral 22

Pam Thomas, Leona Valley
I love riding in Vasquez Rocks. Any trail is lovely and interesting. My club, ETI Corral 138 has great organized rides and Trail Trails.

John Harrer, Bakersfield
We love riding along the Kern River, especially now that it is flowing. The scenery is great. The trails are nice.

From anywhere in Bakersfield the drive is only about 30 minutes tops. We park and start at the Panorama Vista Preserve just off Manor St. The parking lot is big. From here we can ride along the north side of the river, then over to the south, if the river is low enough to cross, and make a loop.

Another fun ride from the same starting point is out to Ethel’s Old Corral. It’s a 3-4 mile ride out along the river (you do need to cross the road at China Grade Loop). We stop for lunch and a beer (don’t worry, they have hitching posts and water for the horses), then ride back. There is enough variety of trails that you can take a different way back.

Jamie Mosley, Simi Valley
I love the Challenger Park trail. The trailhead is conveniently located near the bridle path neighborhood in Simi Valley. The trail offers a variety of terrain, including rolling hills with amazing 360 views and a section shaded by beautiful, mature oak trees. The trails also connect to multiple other trails in the southern hills of Simi, offering the option of a short 30 minute ride or several hours in a beautiful area.

Bobbie De La Fuente, Quartz Hill
Hi! I’m Bobbie De La Fuente, I’m the secretary for ETI Corral 138, and this is my favorite trail.

A trail we call ZigZag Canyon is my favorite. It’s in the desert in Littlerock. There’s big shade trees near the waterfall from the dam, tunnels we go thru, lots of hills and high canyon walls like the Grand Canyon.

Griffith Park is and always will be my favorite place to trail ride. There are 52 miles of trials which are shared with joggers and hikers only. Although there are an occasional biker, the Rangers are just a phone call away. The views you can get to are amazing. You can ride to the Hollywood sign, Griffith Park Observatory, Pony rides, Traveltown, Live Steamers and even the Viva Cantina. The trails will sometimes have a lot of erosion but once again that fix is just a phone call away. I love Griffith Park. (Corral 38)

Piercy Guerin, Altadena
Mount Hollywood, nestled in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, is by far my favorite trail. From atop the highest mountain in the city park, you get a 360 degree view of Los Angeles, Hollywood, the Pacific Ocean, Channel Islands, and the Valley. If the spectacular view isn’t enough, you also have a perfect backdrop for an epic photo in front of the Hollywood Sign. The horses are well behaved and well trained, and I have never had a dull guide. Los Angeles is full of wacky history and the guides on the ride love to tell the tall tales of the city while you gaze at the beautiful landscape from atop a trusty steed. Definitely high on my list!

Brian Greenberg, Springfield, MO
Sunset Ranch, Hollywood CA. I know… this sounds like a tourist trap. You’re a legit equestrian. You’re not gonna put on a helmet some other person wore.

HOWEVER… If you go to Paris, you see the Eiffel tower SO… if you’re in Los Angeles, then you can’t NOT see the Hollywood Sign and most people don’t realize the you can’t drive up to it and take a picture. In fact, it’s practically impossible to walk to it!

But, riding a horse with the Hollywood sign in the background… that picture became such a talking point about my trip. EVERYONE asked about it. And I LOVE to talk horses so as much fun as I had jumping on a horse that someone else had to saddle, a lot of the fun was talking about the unique adventure of riding a horse through the mountains overlooking Los Angeles all the way out to the ocean.

Rebecca Abad, Cerritos
Love the trails in the Hollywood hills at Sunset Ranch. You and see the city all the way to the ocean and still feel like you have traveled back in time for

Jamie Wong, Arcadia
Sunset Ranch Hollywood’s sunset/evening rides hands down is the best trail ride. The trail takes you on a two hour, six mile ride through Griffith Park, (just outside Los Angeles, CA) where you can get amazing views of the surrounding communities from the top of Mount Hollywood. Best part about the ride is you have the opportunity to see unobstructed views of the ocean, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. Personally the best time of the year to visit would be late winter to spring or early fall when days and nights are similar lengths. The ride will generally begins an hour or so before sunset and returns during twilight or just as the sun make it under the horizon. It has to be one of the best ways to experience the colors of sunset and certainly doesn’t hurt every ride gets stunning views of the historic Hollywood Sign above the ranch.

Janine Koster, Lake Hughes
I have several memorable fabulous rides. They all made me feel like I died and went to heaven.

Andrea Simeral-Boyer, Lincoln
There are several lovely trails near where I live. There are two that I really LOVE! Empire Mines in Auburn and also Hidden Falls.

Empire Mines is set in the hills of Auburn where there was once a huge mining operation. Especially in May and June, there are thousands of sweet peas in bloom, not only a feast for your eyes, they smell like heaven. Not only that, but it’s loaded with tall trees and it’s nice and shady. It gets hot here in the summer, and the shade makes it tolerable.

Hidden Falls is the place to go if you want to go on a long ride. The trails go for miles and miles. A truly nice day trip, and the falls are lovely!

Debbie Robbins, Norco
Monument Valley on the land of the Sovereign Nation of the Navajo Indians.

Yosemite National Park high country. The water falls, rivers and rock formations are AMAZING!

Christine Rose, San Pablo
The absolutely best trail ride I ever went on was at Makena Stables in Maui, HI. The horses they use for the ride are also the owner’s rope and barrel horses. The scenery can’t be beat. Watching spinner dolphins jumping for whales breaching in the ocean makes a very memorable ride. The guides give a brief history of the island as you ride past historical sites. Can’t say enough good things about the ride.

Pat Kafetzopoulos, San Juan Capistrano
Cameo wild horse park in Silt, Colo. Amazing.

Yvonne Morales, Yorba Linda
Locally, the Santa Ana River bottom in Norco. Shaded bamboo trails, in the summer your whole trail ride in the shade.

Suzanne Ward, Sanger
The Bloody Nose Trail at Montana De Oro out of Los Osos has always been a favorite of ours. It starts near the horse camp and winds along a ravin on both the north and south sides. towards the sand dunes. You have to keep an eye out for poison oak and an occasional rattlesnake. I wonder how it got its name.

Pamela Kramer-Glickman, Carlsbad
I have been on many beautiful trail rides in Rancho Santa Fe. It may not be steep and scary but it warms my heart . Having an older handsome Quarter Horse, Stanley, that I love so much.I want him to enjoy the trails as much as me.But my favorite spot to ride on a hot summer day is nowhere better than Mission Bay. The wind is blowing my hair and his mane, the water feels refreshing and cool. Life is great! I usually meet up with other horse riders from at least three hours away to enjoy this ride. We cantor and splash in the water like we are kids again.

Brenda Brown, Waynesboro PA
Red Rock Trail Ride! Just returned from 6 days riding….different each day. Day One was Zion National Park, then onto Bryce National Park, followed by Thunder Mountain, onto the Dixie National Forest. Next to the last day was the Paria, in the Escalante Staircase National Monument, with the finale a ride down the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Each day was a different definition of breathtaking! Ride is very well organized, food delicious. Fully books a year in advance within a 30 minute window..now I know why!

Mitsy Marquez, Glendale
Love riding anywhere in Griffith Park. It’s a city park, and it can be noisy in some places, but it is in my backyard.

It is nature surrounded by urban sprawl. Most parts have not been touched and are native to the Southern California environment.

Whether starting or ending a day with a ride through Griffith Park, is good for the soul.

The best part is being able to enjoy it everyday. So, is there a single ride? No, because of single ride is an adventure.

My deepest appreciation to Los Angeles Recreations and Parks, Lynn Brown, ETI, the RAP group for protecting and making Griffith Park a jewel of Los Angeles for us urban horse owners.

Hope Adams, Anza
My favorite trail is a trail here is here in Anza. This unique trail heads up and over Thomas Mountain, beautiful single-track to riding side-by-side trails, and over into Garner Valley. We can ride nine to 20 miles depending on loops, etc. The views are outstanding and just enough dirt roads for a couple of miles of gaiting with the gaited horses. Perfect for small to large groups and for any horses. You can do easy loops or add more technical trails, depending on the group. A perfect trail for a perfect day and ride!

Mara Somma
A good friend I ride with regularly suggested taking a guided horse trip to Ireland. Our spring bloom was so exceptional in the wake of the Woolsey fire that we thought we had ”Ireland” right here in our own backyard—or so we thought. I conceded to join her with two other women. I can’t emphasize enough the beauty that unfolded over the five days of riding. We rode roads and trails covering miles of farmland through historic villages and along the coastline. We spent approximately five hours in the saddle each day with a break for lunch. We were driven to different destinations each morning where we would assist in grooming and saddling our horses. Our guides were exceptional, offering history lessons all throughout the day.

By the end of the trip we were making calls to local realtors inquiring about real estate prices. Ireland, an enchanting place to visit an exceptional place to see by horseback and the kindest people you can imagine.

Christy Wood, Three Rivers
I ride on the historic Chief Joseph Trail ride which covers four states in a 13-year timeframe. We ride 100 miles every year, following the trail the Nez Perce tribe took to elude the calvary in 1877.It starts in Joseph Ore., going through Idaho, Wyoming, and ending at Chinook, Mont.

We ride with desendents of the Nez Perce and people come from all over the U.S. and out of the country to gather and ride only registered Appaloosas. through the most beautiful country in our US. We have a camp crew that feeds us like a cruse on horseback and we have a DJ and a dance floor and dance under the stars every night. Historians, park rangers and even land owners will come and tell us the history of the land we just rode on. I am on my 16th consecutive year and consider it my family reunion every year.

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