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From Horsetrader sales staff

Filling the barn with hay has never been easier! When it comes to finding some of the best hay prices around and knowing you can pick up bulk loads in minutes, Leo’s Hay and Grain Sales in Ontario has you covered. Their “hay squeeze” can load half and full loads of your preferred hay in minutes and have you on your way. Leo’s Hay and Grain also has their own trucks for delivering bulk loads to your barn, boarding or training facility. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff can take your order for hay, grains, feeds for all livestock and have it ready for pickup or delivery. Open Monday-Saturday. Call 909-261-3822 and see their ad on page 31.

Senior Stable Mix™ and Senior Stable Mix™ with Glucosamine & Chondroitin by Elk Grove Milling are your best choices for senior horses

For those special friends who have entered their golden years Senior Stable Mix™ is formulated to meet the particular challenges they face. Research has shown that senior and geriatric horses are less able to absorb protein and for this reason our Senior Stable Mix provides a minimum of 13.5% crude protein, 4.5% more than the standard Stable Mix. Because they also have a reduced capacity for absorbing minerals, Senior Stable Mix utilizes Zinpro’s premier organic performance minerals. One of the most common challenges with managing senior and geriatric horses is maintaining body weight and condition. Utilizing forages can be a challenge due to poor dentition as well as a reduced capacity to digest forage. Pellets reduce the need for chewing, a real bonus for seniors with poor teeth. Additionally, the Senior Stable Mix pellets include, not only almond hulls, but also a second super fiber; beet pulp. Together these fibers help provide your senior horse with an easily digestible and safe form of energy. The level of rice bran is increased in the Senior Stable Mix pellet which results in an overall higher fat content (3.5%) than the original Stable Mix. Fat is easily digested and a safer energy source than grains, especially for those senior horses with Cushing’s disease or who are insulin resistant.

For those seniors showing signs of arthritis consider Senior Stable Mix with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Arthritis causes the cartilage surrounding joints to wear thin and degrade. Glucosamine is a precursor to the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) found in joint cartilage. Studies have shown that glucosamine provided orally accumulates in cartilage and is detectable in synovial fluid. Other research suggests that glucosamine works best in combination with chondroitin and so we have included both.
For more information and to find a dealer near you, visit www.ElkGroveMilling.com. See ad on page 33.

California Horsetrader has teamed up with the talented staff of Voxey Media, LLC to offer the horse industry top quality commercial video, podcasts and websites. Horsetrader Media will produce professional, compelling content that will engage your target markets across all forms of media!

Your message and how it is told is critical to successful marketing. Companies that invest in social media development only to unveil subpar content miss their mark. Plus, good content is not only brand-building, but also audience-building with each new “share” or “post” of a video or podcast.

Our talented staff of writers, directors, interviewers and production artists believe the power of your message is in YOUR voice. How do we harness it? We start with your company’s history—the “ah-ha!” moment, the effort, lessons and rewards.

After this “Pre-shoot Discovery”, we’ll have a storyboard for our subsequent studio session. Our team will then craft your media into the forms that best fit your goals, including commercials, podcasts, feature videos and more!

To get you on the trail to effective new media, contact Lori at contact@horsetradermedia.com.

The In Gate column is composed by the sales staff at the California Horsetrader. If you would like to put the California Horsetrader and horsetrader.com to work for you, please call the display sales staff at 760/546-1184, or e-mail to: lori.wilson@horsetrader.com

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