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Big wins by the Bay

- August 1st, 2021 - Show & Event News

From Horsetrader staff reports

With a 224.5, Andrea Fappani and Whizsicle win the Open L4 Derby and 4-year-old Stakes titles, earning $32,577 at the 2021 Reining By The Bay July 10-17. (John O’Hara photo)

WOODSIDE — Once again, the Reining By The Bay attracted the best reining horses and trainers to the picturesque Woodside Horse Park, and once again you could spell the headliner F-A-P-P-A-N-I.

Actually, you could do that twice, as while Andrea Fappani rose above the rest in the Open — clinching the top two spots in the Level 4 Derby Open with winner Whizsicle and runner-up Gun Dun It to earn $29,475 and $24,940, respectively — his son, Luca, was taking the Non Pro Derby Co-championship aboard Sharp Dressed Spook, tying with Kim Muehlstaetter on TR Baby Blues to pick up respective checks for $5,584.

Riding Diane Yoder’s 4-year-old Whizsicle (SG Frozen Enterprise x Miss Whizzletown x Hollywoodstinseltown), Fappani marked a 224.5, which also earned them the Level 4 Stakes Open worth $2,103.

“He’s a pretty cool horse,” Fappani said. “I’m looking forward to doing some of the bigger stuff next year.”

Following success with Shawn Flarida during his futurity year, Whizsicle was sold to Fappani’s client, Yoder.

In the L4 NP Aged Event, Luca Fappani took first on his father’s Sharp Dressed Spook. (John O’Hara photo)

“I’ve only showed him twice,” Fappani added. “He’s a 4-year-old, and I needed to get him into my program from Shawn’s. I didn’t want to push him. I took the first of this year to really get with him and I tried him for the first time in Arizona.”

Whizsicle’s success at Reining By The Bay pushed his lifetime earnings past the $70,000 mark.

In the Non Pro, Muehlstaetter and Luca Fappani each scored a 222.5. For Muehlstaetter, the run on TR Baby Blues also won her the Stakes Level 4, good for another $2,301.

“He’s just a 4-year-old, and he was just so solid on all the maneuvers,” Muehlstaetter said. “I really pushed him in the circles… enough to get a plus one, and he was right there with me. It never phased him mentally.”

Daphne Foran rides Taylor Sheridan’s Electric Genetics to victory in the L1 Open Aged Event. (John O’Hara photo)

Fappani rounded out his Reining By The Bay showing with a third place finish in the Derby Level 4 Non-Pro with Icecube (SG Frozen Enterprise x Taris Designer Genes x Mr Boomerjac), scoring a 220.5 and earning $3,226.

More online: https://bit.ly/18rbb

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