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Cantano can-do, and Susie can, too

In each of her four years with Cantano, Susan Hutchison has taken him a step up

From Horsetrader staff reports - January 6th, 2011

January 6 CoverTEMECULA –After a stellar 2010 campaign that resulted in a Pacific Coast Horse Show Association Grand Prix Horse of the Year title, Cantano is ready for more.

His rider, Susie Hutchison, is confident the 11-year-old Holsteiner stallion owned by the El Dorado 29 partnership is set for success in 2011, too. Actually, it’s their teamwork that appears ready as they head into the upcoming HITS Thermal campaign.

“Right now, we are in such synch,” said Hutchison, a former AGA Rider of the Year and four-time World Cup finalist who has been bringing Cantano along four years now.

Go East, Young Man

An opportunity to grow the sport he loves in a new world takes Tim Shelley to Japan

From Horsetrader staff reports - January 6th, 2011
Tim Shelley

Horsetrader photo

Tim Shelley

TEMECULA – Trainer Tim Shelley has always enjoyed the bringing along of a horse or rider. Now he is in Japan, bringing along a new culture into the world of Western riding.

Shelley, who left behind him last fall a legacy of good riders he taught across the Southern California landscape he has called home for three decades, now resides at the doorstep of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi, Japan, at the Paddyfield Riding Club. He accepted the position to direct it for owner Chihiro Niwata, whom Shelley met when the Japanese horsewoman came to the U.S. more than a year ago looking for a good reining horse.

Mounting A Purpose

With municipal budgets shrinking, volunteer mounted patrols are needed more than ever

By LYNN BROWN / Special to the Horsetrader - January 6th, 2011
Bill Naylor and Sharon Chandler at a PowWow at Hart Park.

Bill Naylor and Sharon Chandler at a PowWow at Hart Park.

LOS ANGELES — In today’s economy, most of us are aware that funding for both local City Parks, County Parks and State Parks have been cut severely. Agencies are suffering for funds for maintenance, security and other routine patrol functions. For the equestrian, this is a fine opportunity to step up, help out, and polish the image of horses and equestrian contribution in both urban and rural communities.

In many Southern California cities, our western heritage and the role of the horse has been forgotten by many urban dwellers. Equestrian volunteerism works well from a public relations prospect — the horse is in the public eye, as is its importance to the rural lifestyle and also to the general public.

Drain incident leads to mare’s death and community uproar

From the Newstrader - January 6th, 2011
Bert Bonnett and Cassie before Dec. 4 streetside accident.

Bert Bonnett and Cassie before Dec. 4 streetside accident.

LOS ANGELES – A traffic-related incident that resulted in a euthanized mare and a shaken 100-year-old equestrian has galvanized the community to appeal use of storm grates termed unsafe.

On Dec. 4, a car driving on Wheatland Avenue reportedly brushed Bert Bonnett on his Tennessee Walker, Cassie, and spooked her to a curb that had been outfitted with a type of storm drain designed to prevent large debris from entering run-off. Bonnett, who was thrown into the street, survived. The mare, however, became trapped in the curbside debris screen and did not survive the ordeal despite valiant efforts by volunteers and emergency personnel, including Rene Herrera, founder of the Foothill Mounted Patrol and a city firefighter who responded.

Fund-raising stock horse clinic for Grant Berg is Jan. 9

From the Newstrader - January 6th, 2011
Russell Dilday

Russell Dilday

TEMECULA – Russell Dilday, Todd Crawford, Don Murphy and Jake Gorrell will all be part of four days of stock horse clinics at the Casner Ranch Jan. 6-9, which includes a fund-raising effort for youngster Grant Berg, the son of trainers Mike and Cindy Berg who is suffering from Dandy Walkers Syndrome.

The Thursday and Friday of the clinic are for Open trainers and advanced Non Pros, while Saturday and Sunday will be open to all skill levels. Crawford will join the other three world-class trainers for the Saturday and Sunday events.

Vertical Flexion – A Straight line

Adjusting pressure is key in this 'feel' training

- January 6th, 2011

Next in a series
After looking at “rewarding the thought” last issue, let’s move forward and continue our communication through “feel.”

After you’ve been getting vertical flexion on the bend and at the standstill for a while, introduce vertical flexion on a straight line as you walk your horse forward. This is a critical part of your “feel” training, as you’ll be required to instantly adjust your pressure in one or both hands in order to teach your horse to maintain straight head-to-tail alignment while maintaining flexion at the poll.

Robin Magness
Norco, CA

I would like to be optimistic about 2011 and think that the market will bounce back like the economy. People still have dreams of horse ownership, and I think they will make it happen this year! I don’t care what breed of horse you are into, you will find it — it’s out there — and don’t let anyone sway you from what you are looking for in a horse. Happy Horse Hunting in 2011!

Dr. Sylvia Caldwell
Borrego Springs, CA

I still see a cautious horse industry. True horse-lovers will weather the bad economy, and there will always be a market for good horses — that is why we are still standing and breeding our stallion “Skip Legacy.”

Here we grow again! Horsetrader is hiring as we launch 2011!

From the Horsetrader sales staff - January 6th, 2011

Are you ready for a New Year? California Horsetrader is gearing up with some exciting new launches soon – we can’t wait to reveal them at Equine Affaire in about four weeks.

Right NOW, we are looking for additional print and internet advertising sales and sales support staff. Don’t delay — If you ‘d like to learn more or apply, visit http://arena.horsetrader.com/jobs, or send your resume and cover letter to jobs@horsetrader.com