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Steller rides

- September 3rd, 2019

Abby Steller, Avery Glynn and Juliette Joseph prove consistency leads to wins at 2019 CPHA Foundation Equitation Championships

Special to the Horsetrader

Avery Glynn and Cocon 4 (Capturedmomentphoto.com photo)

DEL MAR—Medal final season signals summer’s end and fall’s beginning, and on Aug. 24-25, 113 equestrians in three age sections were tested in the equitation arena in the California Professional Horsemen’s Association Foundation Equitation Championships.

The equitation tests are uniquely built into the two rounds. Those who had put in extra hours with the counter-canter had an edge throughout the Championships, held Aug. 24-25, at the Showpark Summer Classic at the Del Mar Horse Park.

Tractors and Ranch Equipment

- September 3rd, 2019

Horse people rely on their ranch equipment, from hotwalkers to tractors. Here are top dealers and products to get it done…right.

Arena Werks
by Snodgress Equipment
(800) 644-3724 • ArenaWerks.com

Arena Werks by Snodgress Equipment has many options in arena drag equipment, including arena drags, harrows, rotary harrows, arena groomers, arena rakes, rotary drags and water trailers. All products meet the highest standards for reliability and durability and are guaranteed to withstand the trials of time and patience. Whether you need an effective method for hauling a single or multiple bales of hay, or you need a solution to treat your arena or a full arena conditioner, Arena Werks™ and Hey Werks™ has your solution. There are many options in arena drag equipment, and you can take your time browsing the products and contact Snodgress Equipment’s knowledgeable staff for an equipment quote, or simply send a suggestion and one of the company’s friendly staff will be more than happy to help you! Snodgress Equipment is also a proud partner with the Ranch Sorting National Championships and are now the official drag of the RSNC. See ad on page 27.


- September 3rd, 2019

The 20th edition of the Reining By The Bay spotlight stays on Andrea and Luca Fappani

Special to the Horsetrader

Dana Avila and her Whizkeymakesmefrisky were co-champions in the 4-Year-Old Stakes Level 2 Non-Pro. Her 216 earned her $1,677. (John O’Hara photo

WOODSIDE—This summer’s Reining By The Bay marked the event’s 20th anniversary, so it was appropriate to have the past and future so well represented in the present.

Andrea Fappani, whose victories in this reining over the years helped push him to Elite $5 Million Rider status, and teen-aged son Luca, who once again scored major non-pro wins, made this year’s Reining By The Bay a Fappani family affair July 22-28.

When to call the veterinarian

- September 3rd, 2019

By Daniel H. Grove, DVM

Ask the Vet

“When do I call my veterinarian?”

That is a question many clients tend to struggle with. In my opinion, it is better to make that phone call and discuss your concerns rather than waiting too long and having a more challenging time resolving a case. I would much rather have someone call during normal business hours with questions about a mild colic rather than 10 o’clock at night with a colic that is now dire. It is hard to give a recommendation on times not to call without having an examination of the patient to make a determination. So, here are some key times when I think it is prudent to get on the phone and at least discuss the situation with your veterinarian.

From Horsetrader sales staff

Tickets are available now for the Third Annual Norco Horse Affair, scheduled for the George Ingalls Equestrian Events Center Oct. 4-6. Seminars, demonstrations, entertainment, shopping and lots of camaraderie with horsepeople from throughout the region will be part of the event, brought to you by the Thrifty Horse Consignment Shoppe. You can order tickets and see the updated list of presenters on the Norco Horse Affair website: www.norcohorseaffair.com. Admission is just $5 per person, and parking is $10 per day. To get a $10 savings, order a weekend package for $35.

Tools of the Trade

- September 3rd, 2019

By Sheryl Lynde | Horsetrader columnist

The round pen: A great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

The round pen has been an invaluable training aid for me over the years. It offers a confined space (60 feet) to safely start colts as well as to resolve dangerous behavioral issues like rearing, bucking and bolting. It has its purpose, it is a training aid just as the snaffle or driving reins are training aids.

But, just like any aid, it isn’t meant to be overused or lived in. If you stay in there too long it can work against you.

By Ray Ariss | Horsetrader columnist

HEY RAY! I’m looking to buy a horse and I’m really concerned about ending up with a ticking time bomb when what I need is a bomb-proof horse. Do you have any tips for me or red flags to look out for, since I can’t afford to take a professional with me?
–Karen Hutton, Apple Valley

HEY KAREN: I hate to tell you, but if you hope to end up with the right horse, you can’t afford not to take a professional with you. If you are looking to save a few bucks, you can do most of the running around until you narrow down the list to the two or three favorite horses that should be looked at by your trainer of choice. Believe me when I say, the best money you will ever invest in your horse will be the evaluation given by your professional. Part of that evaluation should include you riding one of the trainer’s lesson horses so that he may get a clear picture of the type and level of rider he will be buying for. The horse that you should see first with your trainer should be the one at the top of the list, and work down from there. That way you might get lucky and end up with your favorite horse and only pay for one pre-purchase evaluation. Here are some suggestions that should facilitate the process in finding your dream horse: