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NSHA Snaffle Bit Futurity 2009 – Monday

From Horsetrader staff reports - August 18th, 2009 - NSHA Snaffle Bit Futurity 2009

Monday, Aug. 17, launched Open Division competition of the 2009 National Stock Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity, held at the MidState Fairgrounds in Paso Robles, Calif. Horsetrader.com caught some of the competitors during the first day of herd work.

MONDAY, 6 a.m.
Ted Robinson is in the arena, riding the Palomino mare Whole Lotta Cash in pre-dawn work under the lights.

“This Futurity is the mare’s first show. She’s a dead-head at home. Here, she’s not the same horse. I’m fond of her, and I want her to be all she can be. We don’t show until this afternoon, but I’m going to spend some time with her and get her attention back on me.”

MONDAY, 6:10 a.m.
Ron Emmons is in his barn, watering along with his dog, Roy.

“I’m waking up. This is the first day of the first show of the season. I’ve got four good horses I’m excited about. Everybody’s watered. Everybody’s fed. Now I’ll go ride and get them ready and warmed up.”

MONDAY, 9:30 a.m.
Les Vogt relaxes after opening his herd work on Nic It, marking a 215:

“He was very impressive. You never know what you have until you show one. This one is very trustworthy, very predictable. He jumped right in and got in the dirt — made me feel like he could have handled any cow. He’s a fun, fun, fun horse. I’m looking forward to the reined work. He’s a huge stopper, makes beautiful turns, I expect him to be really good.”

MONDAY, 10 a.m.
Ron Emmons and his first horse, Reygans Smart Lena, mark a 213 in their herd work.

“My horse was really good, but that second cow cost me. He stayed out and we couldn’t do too much.”

MONDAY, 4 p.m.
Jake Telford watches an afternoon set of herd work along with his 3-year-old daughter, Sierra.

“Having Sierra here is not a big deal for me. But it’s a lot of work for my wife, Jesse.”

MONDAY, 4:30 p.m.
Ted Robinson finishes his herd work for the day, marking a 216 on Whole Lotta Cash about 10 hours after his pre-dawn session with the mare.

“I’m real happy with a 216. It’s a good way to start, but there’s a lot of horse show left. Going in, I sensed she still was not all herself, and I had to have her out of air going in. If I didn’t have her that way, I would have had a problem. This was a lesson for her — the new show experience and all the noise and confusion — it’s class time. Some horses get educated by it. Others go the other way. Her next two events are really good ones for her. The herd is her weakest event.”

His day is about five hours from over.

“I’ve got four horses to ride — three futurity horses, and one older horse.”

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  1. Birdie Avery Says:

    This is Great ! I have only been able to attend the NSHA Snaffle Bit once and It was a Blast ! Now I feel like I can check in and have all the happening at my home ! Love It .. Great Job Warren


  2. Cynde Cantwell Says:

    Great website. Live cam, blog from everywhere, candid photos, quotes from trainers… if you can’t be there, this is definitely the next best thing.

  3. Williampep Says:

    Muchos Gracias for your article.Much thanks again. Want more. Monserrate

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