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An ETI Weekend…

Trail Trials gives riders the next step to compete

Special to the Horsetrader - April 7th, 2011 - Club Corral, Communities, Show & Event News

PALMDALE – Equestrian Trails, Inc. may be in its 65th year, but the group’s energy is more like a young colt.

One of ETI’s most active corrals, ETI Corral #138, held a Trail Trial April 3 from the new Barrel Springs Arena in northern Los Angeles County, and 45 riders competed at the fun, well-attended event.

“Trail Trials are a fun competition on the trail that friends and family can do together,” said organizer Kimberly Dwight, adding that judging is based on safety and control in negotiation of 10 obstacles. “You’ll also learn lots about your relationship with your horse and how he responds to your cues.”

Brenda Gonzales and Diamond "on the uphill."

Margaret Scott photo

Brenda Gonzales and Diamond "on the uphill."

Open winners included Glory Fioramonti, Kris Topaz, Marcy Watton, Cory Epstein, Michelle Brekke, Debbie Mader, Susan Kaiser Lyn Meredith, Renee Williams. Novice winners were Chelsea Frost, Wendie Hazlett, Jamie Webber, Ashley Schumow, Tracy Kerby, Doug Ward, Jean Johnson, Judy Rogers, Nicole Thompson, Cassandra Gluyas.
Winner of the Junior Division (age 14 and under) was Emily Webber.

Obstacles included a challenging mud/sponge bog at the very beginning, where zero points would be top score and 10 points the worst. Average score? Nine.

“The horses could easily have gone around, but the obstacle was to walk through the puddle,” said Dwight.

Other obstacles included a back-up, then a bridge, a small ditch, an uphill, downhill, step-overs, a dismount and pick-up of spray paint cans left in the desert (then placement of the cans into a bag) before re-mounting at cement slabs that were discovered around the corner.

“Everyone had a great time,” said Dwight. “Several new people joined ETI so they could find out about all the events we put on, particularly the Trail Trials.”

Upcoming ones will include Sylmar, Corral #12, on April 17 (info: pattyhug@ca.rr.com) or Chatsworth, Corral #54, on May 22 (charlottebeast@msn.com). The ETI Convention/Invitational Trail Trial will be July 17 at Vasquez Rocks (jdwight@aol.com).

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