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1603A_Trainer's Spotlight_Kenny LawsonCowboy Mounted Shooting offers something for everyone. The sport requires training for the horse and rider just like any other equestrian sport. Kenny Lawson of Silver Dollar Ranch believes a training program should meet the horse and rider at their level of education and grow from there. His program is designed to help with all the elements of Cowboy Mounted Shooting: from purchasing the right equipment and understanding the rules, to course management and taking his clients all the way to the competition arena.

Kenny Lawson is a third generation horse trainer whose greatest inspiration and influence was his father, Rob Tanner. From a very young age, Kenny worked for his dad, learning how to train one of the most complex breeds of horses, the American Saddlebred. Competing at the national and world level his entire childhood, Kenny ultimately earned two world championships at Louisville, Kentucky. After several years in Carlsbad, California, the market drove Rob to Versailles, Kentucky permanently, and Kenny went the way of the American Quarter Horse.

Kenny’s program proves to have the right approach to Cowboy Mounted Shooting. He and his team of horses and riders just returned from the CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association) Southwest Regional and Winter U.S. Championships. Together they received 5 first place titles: Ladies Level 2, Men’s Level 3, Double Down (Men’s A Division), Double Down (Ladies A Division), and the Eliminator (Limited Division). He is the 2014 CMSA Overall California State Champion and was one of the top 20 horsemen from across the country to be invited to participate in the Horsemen’s Reunion in Paso Robles that same year.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a sport that with the proper training and guidance, you’ll have the most fun of your life.



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